Freedom Range: An American Heritage Preservation!
To Conduct a Quality Training Experience Class Space Is Limited. PreRegistration Is Required. To Hold Your Spot Please Submit A $20.00 At Time of Registration (Directions will be emailed).

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Next NC Concealed Carry Class are the 2nd SAturday of each month

Email for Class Availability or Contact Crystal with ??'s.
We Are A Private Training Org, NOT Open to the Public or Media: To Register for or Request A Class Date Read the Disclaimer Below then Click the Freedom Range email link to Email Your Information.

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class: Cost: $100 Class....Includes Lunch, Forms, Materials, Notary, Firearm Rental & Ammo if needed.

You Will Need to Mail Your Deposit ($20) (address will be provided) or Zelle Pay to

Read The Disclaimer: I understand that the use of firearms is inherently dangerous and that any unsafe use of them could result in death or serious bodily harm.
I Understand I Am Not To Bring ANY Firearms Into Class. I Understand I Am to Leave All Firearms LOCKED In My Vehicle Until Directed to Retrieve for Inspection & Qualification.
As a prerequisite to enrollment, I agree to follow all safety rules set forth by my Instructor and that my willful disregard of them will result in my dismissal from class, without reimbursement of my tuition. I will not use drugs or alcohol preceding or during class.
I further agree to hold Freedom Range/ CSA LLC harmless and my respective instructor for any accidents or injuries which may occur while in class or at the range.

I understand if I provide my own equipment it must be inspected and approved by a Range Safety Officer. If deemed unacceptable for qualification we reserve the right to provide a substitute qualification firearm at no additional expense.
I understand weather appropriate range attire is required. NO Flip Flops, Tube Tops Or Excessive Fingernails.
Eye & Ear Protection Are Required. Hats Are Optional But Suggested.
I agree to report any safety violations that I may witness to my Instructor immediately so that we can take immediate action to insure the safety of other students.
We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service To Anyone (Found to Be Unsafe) At Anytime.
We Strive to Train Responsible, Law Abiding Eligible Citizens in Firearms Safety, Proficiency & Relevant Laws.
*For NC CCH Classes I further affirm that I possess fundamental firearms knowledge regarding safe handling, storage & cleaning prior to attending this class.*

Please Do NOT Bring Your Firearm Into Class.
Please Leave Locked In Car Until Qualifying.

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Call/Text The Instructor:
Crystal @ 336.269.5068
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